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Mood Swingssubmitted:
2011/08/10 08:12:54
2011/08/22 15:36:24

I sketched out this Impressionist chord succession, based roughly on Bb minor, but with non-functional harmonies as well, many years ago. Recently I revised it and made a 6-trombone loop, recorded on my Boss RC-50 super-looper, to blow over. I decided not to fix a theme, but to be free to improvise it each performance. Of course certain motives recur from performance to performance, but this procedure allows optimum freedom in the now--at least on some of my "mood" pieces. Actually, in performance I approach this as a kind of minor blues.

If anyone's interested, I will later offer a harmonic analysis tracing the (20th century) "French connection." I think, though, that in this case the inspiration was more from Coltrane (maybe "Naima") than directly from Ravel or Debussy.

Click below for the sound file. The rhythm part below has a second page, so you need to scroll for the bridge.

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