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  9 Against 4 Theory Conundrum (Inquiry, Analyses,

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 Geoff J
9 Against 4 Theory Conundrum (Inquiry, Analyses,submitted:
2010/12/23 00:49:27
2011/05/30 13:33:09

Any input is appreciated. I have indexed the points & diagrams with letters numbers. Please title the reply as RE 9:4 or something like that, and index your answers consistent with how the inquiries were indexed.

I am stumped ! PDF ATTACHED

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Re:9 Against 4 Theory Conundrum (Inquiry, Analyssubmitted:
2011/05/30 12:21:56
2011/05/30 12:21:56

think of time as layers of velocity in this case.

 jay norem
Re:9 Against 4 Theory Conundrum (Inquiry, Analyssubmitted:
2011/05/30 13:32:33
2011/05/30 13:33:09

" (A) If (1)(A) is correct, then it follows that figure (C) is a legitimate way to derive 9 evenly
played accents against four pulses, and that the analysis in (1)(C) is correct. "

I agree with this. Here's a short MP3 of figure C.

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