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Bird Solo on 'Confirmationsubmitted:
2010/12/09 17:56:00
2011/01/23 02:44:29

This melody could not have been created following CS Theory.

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Re:Bird Solo on 'Confirmationsubmitted:
2011/01/23 02:44:29
2011/01/23 02:44:29

This is a very good example of a diminished arppeggio played at the top of a Dom7 chord :
- over C7 is a Db wholetone-halftone scale moving downwards followed by a D Myxolydian scale
[outside to inside !] => C7(13 9alt) color going to a D7
- over F7 is a G# dim arp. => F7 (13#9)
- over E7 a simple Am7(9) arp => ergo => play the target scale over any Dom7 ! (for Am7, Melodic minor,Harm. Minor,dorian etc...)
- over Am7, the Cmaj7(9) arp. => ergo => play the scale of the Relative over Minor and Major chords (Cmaj for Am7, Dm7 for Fmaj7etc...)
- over D7 is a chromatic figure possibly derived from the D Bebop scale => D Myxolydian with a descending chromatic note between the root and the b7
- to close the phrase, a Bm7 over Gmaj7 => Bm7 is a Secondary Relative to Gmaj7 => Gmaj7(9) color


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