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Cooper Squaresubmitted:
2009/02/26 10:44:51
2009/02/26 11:02:56

I wrote the rather simple tune "Cooper Square" in 1963 as an exercise in learning how to cycle ii-V chords. The model for me was "Ergo," written by Jack Montrose and performed by Chet Baker. "Cooper Square" is a contrafact of that tune, with slightly different harmony, especially at the end of the bridge, where I extended the key of the last two chords, F#m7 - B7, backwards to make a I-vi-ii-V progression in E major. Where the original changes differ from mine they're shown under the staff.

The melody is mostly diatonic, sticking close to the chords. The first four measures are essentially a descending guide-tone line.

My tune has a coda that the original does not.

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