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  "For Play" for Brass 5tet

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"For Play" for Brass 5tetsubmitted:
2008/10/11 01:24:53
2008/10/13 11:30:32

Again a piece contrary to everything I see on this site. Again, I am not a Jazz musician, just a classically oriented musician trying to put down what I hear and feel (and perhaps over think? diametrically opposed to Jazz?).

Anyways. I think this piece could be rearranged and filled out for a swing band. My thought is to play it through straight to almost the end, then put in a solo section, return to the beginning, then repeat the piece but put in more solos at the natural breaks. then finish it out to the end.

One challenge to carrying out this idea, is that the chord structure of the piece is not nice and neat. Nor is it as complex as modern Jazz. I wonder how to create a solo section with a chord structure that is based on sections of the piece. I wonder if it would be effective.

Any guidance would really be appreciated.

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