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jazz minor exercisesubmitted:
2008/09/23 09:20:05
2009/05/15 14:47:34

to help get the sound of this scale in your ears.

exercises are shown for Ami6 (AmiMAJ7, Ami6/9). also work over B7susb9, CMAJ7#5, D7#11 (#4, b5), E7b13, F#m7b5#2, G#7alt. first score begins on root and ascends first, second half begins on root and descends first. these patterns should be played in positions II, IV, and VII. second score begins on the third and ascends...etc. these patterns should be played in positions V, VII, and IX. other positions should be worked out for lower octaves.

work one key at a time until comfortable, through all keys. aim for a minimum of mm160 (quarter note).

right hand for fingerstyle playing is: ascending first--i-m-i-m-i-m-i-a-m-i-m-i-m-i-a-m; for descending first--m-i-m-i-m-i-a-m-i-m-i-m-i-m-i-a. for pickstyle, i would suggest just alternate down-up (but i don't play that style, so you're on your own).

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