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Nefarious Analysissubmitted:
2007/12/08 13:18:32
2007/12/08 13:42:39

Hi Folks,

I'm back with a hypothetical harmonic analysis of "Nefarious Kinesis." I didn't put a key signature in, because: 1. I don't entirely believe this analysis; & 2. even if I did, I probably wouldn't use one, because the harmonies are so tonally vague. This entire harmonic succession is probably atonal, but as in extended & atonal harmony of the (late) 19th & 20th centuries, there are usually at least some tonal references, such as 2-5s & subVs.

Melodically, I hear the following keys (4-bars apiece): C, Bb, C, Eb. If there were to be a primary melodic key, it would be either C or Eb, both of which have qualitative emphasis (one key at the beginning, & one at the end).


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