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  Jazzy enough for christmas

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Jazzy enough for christmassubmitted:
2007/11/20 18:25:12
2007/11/21 11:22:35

Well, here is my seasonal offerings..

I recorded it very quick and scratchpad to kill time in a hotel room. And the Mic is a small diaphram condenser I use for my horn, but it is all I had with me. So the vocals are a tad thin and whispy.

So with all best intentions, and wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season, I present the VERY home made 'Christmas Time'.

While I wouldn't actualy call this Jazz, I would call it 'Jazzy'.. you be the judge if you find the time and inclination, let me know what you think... on a scratchpad level of course.. production values, like in all my stuff, are a bit neglected.

Thanks, and again, Peace on Earth .. and stuff!

Christmas Time
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Re:Jazzy enough for christmassubmitted:
2007/11/21 11:22:35
2007/11/21 11:22:35

Thanks everyone..

While I was hoping for more feedback, as hits don't mean that much to me.. I must admit, the extra 8 full plays I got from this room helped throw the song over the top and into the #1 on the soundclick charts in two categories in less than 20 hours from the time it left my hard drive.. unprecedented fun. Now it will crash just as quickly.. but thats half the fun too.

Thanks to those who took the time to listen..

Peace on earth!!



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