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  Lead and Lag of Elevator

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Lead and Lag of Elevatorsubmitted:
2007/11/01 10:39:58
2007/11/05 10:47:25

Is a new song I created the other day. The bass, horns and guitar are all recoded directly to HD no processing.
Was just looking for some casual thoughts from anyone with the time and inclination.

The Lead and lag of Elevator (top of the page)

thanks for your time and ear.

Re:Lead and Lag of Elevatorsubmitted:
2007/11/05 02:04:36
2007/11/05 02:04:36

It's a pleasant tune, well recorded.

But it is monochromatic. I think you could bring out the harmony more. I hear places where it seems as if something dramatic is about to happen, but then the music just kind of flows over the changes without any emphasis.

A chart would be helpful. I always like to play a tune for myself.

Re:Lead and Lag of Elevatorsubmitted:
2007/11/05 10:47:25
2007/11/05 10:47:25

A chart???

Uhhh errr...

I created the song quite spontaneously if you will..

I made it up mostly on the spot..

I have never had a formal music lesson in my life.. for my own 'sharts' for any real stdio work I have done I use a combination of one of the names for the 7 whole chords, and a series of colors (reds for sharps, blues for flats and variation of each) for my own understanding..

I could no more tell you on paper what it is I am playing, then describe what the sky is made of.

I COULD if one is interested, break down things like the Piano by describing each note played for any given chord, but I would have no idea how to translate the horn Bass or guitar in any language a 'schooled' musician could relate to.

The song was recorded quite impromptu.. I laid down the drums first, then piano, then the Bass is recorded strait through with no dubs or intteruptions (which meant a few re-takes of course). Once I had those parts fairly structured, the rest was just playing what I felt like playing at the time.

I WISH I could lay you down a chart, it would mean I had more skills than I do.

Thanks so much for your time, ear and feedback. I hope the ride wasn't too shakey!


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