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  the Cornish Chord sketch

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the Cornish Chord sketchsubmitted:
2007/09/26 12:58:27
2007/10/18 12:45:34

This is a condensed sketch of a tune I'm working on for my next CD project . THe original basis for this was to utilize pitch sets based on a MA 7 5b sshape. ( AS you can see , it quickly went further afield from there ) :)

These are the A and B sections .I'm currently working on a pretty atonal shout chorus ala 80s Bob Brookmeyer.

Comments anyone ?

Phil Kelly

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 jay norem
Re:the Cornish Chord sketchsubmitted:
2007/09/28 14:19:49
2007/09/28 14:22:31

Phil man - I dig it. Just as it is it would be a great little boppish number. Looking forward to your next CD!

Re:the Cornish Chord sketchsubmitted:
2007/10/02 09:10:14
2007/10/02 09:14:23

Great start, Phil. Very sophisticated composing. Infectious melody, with nice tension in the chords. Sounds almost like a classical piece, begging for extended development. Piano sonata or concerto, maybe. How long will it be and how's it going to be scored?

Re:the Cornish Chord sketchsubmitted:
2007/10/18 12:45:34
2007/10/18 12:45:34

I've just finished the chart for a standard big band ( 4/4/5/3 ) and with any luck, I'm going to try to get it run down next week along qith some other new things. In addition to the A and B sections shown above, I've added a contrapuntal section
that leads to a very dissonant "shout "section that only resembles jazz by the rhythmic structures I've used. If I can figure out a way to implode some of this stuff to shetch form , I'll post it.

thanks for the interest!


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