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"Aisle of White"submitted:
2009/08/25 22:56:06
2009/11/03 16:59:52

Aisle of White is a straight-ahead swing tune.

The arrangement here is basic. If we use it, I expect to make changes and add piano and guitar and any other instruments we acquire. Right now it's for:
Two trumpets
Three saxes

About the title: A good while back my singer friend Lois Britten (AKA Britten Reid) married John White. John is the great-grand-nephew of the architect Stanford White (the Washington Square arch, etc.). This tune was their wedding present from me. The title is an obvious pun on weddings, John's name, and, as Lois's name is "Britten," the British Isle of Wight (see the Beatles' When I'm Sixty-Four). Lois and John divorced a long time ago, but I didn't write a song for that.

Below are a sound file and a lead sheet. The lead sheet is two pages long and differs slightly from the sound file. The latter is my latest thinking on the arrangement.

Audio File

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Lead Sheet

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