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The Free Jazz Institute was formed in repsone to the above post at AllAboutJazz, in order to provide a notation-friendly forum for music educational purposes, and was "up" and logging visits in May 2007. FJI is a site that exists for the purposes of musician-to-musician discussions, transcriptions, and analyses of music.

At this point there are sections for Transcriptions and Analysis for in-depth discussions of music, as well as a section just for changes to tunes without any analysis. Of late, we've begun to add guide tone lines and root progressions to the tunes in the Changes section. There is also a section for Resources, by which we mean "anything potentially useful to a musician with a computer".

Our music player is there to enable you to hear others' music, let others hear yours, and let them find out about you through links that you include with your music. If you would like to share your recorded music, please log in and add some of your music to our player - be sure to include a link to your own website or sales of your music.

I hope you find it useful, and feel free to make suggestions via the contact page.


The point of the site is the facilitation of discussions between musicians allowing use of each of the forms of media typically used music: sound, images, and of course, notation. If you don't already have them, you will want the following free applications. (If you don't have Finale, Notepad is a stand-alone application that can display, play, and edit Finale files).

Of the many notation applications on the market, Finale and Sibelius are probably the most prevalent. They each provide a free version that will enable you to at least view user-posted work in either format. Links to those free applications can be found below. As a simple solution to this, many users simply print their work to a PDF, which can be viewed and printed by all using the free Acrobat Reader (also linked below). If you do not already have the software to create a PDF, the free application PrimoPDF (which is linked below) does a nice job of this.

It can also be nice to be able to include snapshots from the screen, and while such a function is built-in the MacOS, the free program MWSnap handles this nicely on Windows.

Scorch   Adobe Reader Notepad

The following programs are freeware applications that may also be useful to you.

MWSnap Primo PDF (free)

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